Success in Achieving Pregnancy

A 5-year study of the Billings Ovulation Method® with couples wishing to achieve pregnancy showed a known pregnancy rate of 78%.   This study was conducted by Research Team of Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia from 1999-2003.   The pregnancy rate was 65% in sub-fertile couples and 66% in women aged over 38.  Of the couples in the study who had previously attempted IVF or AI (artificial insemination) without success, 35% conceived naturally with the Billings Ovulation Method®.

Summary of Results

Total Participants 449
Outcome known 358
Known pregnancy rate 278/358 78%
Women in the study classified as sub-fertile1 207
Outcome known 172
Known pregnancy rate 111/172 65%
Women in the study over 38 years old 65
Outcome known 48
Known pregnancy rate 32/48 66%
Women in the study who had been unsuccessful with IVF/AI 20
Outcome known 20
Known pregnancy rate 7/20 35%
Average time trying to achieve for all couples before coming to
Billings Ovulation Method™ clinic
15 months
Average time from initial instruction in
Billings Ovulation Method™ to conception
4.7 months
Couples who were childless 60%
Prior knowledge of signs of fertility 18%

93% stated they were satisfied and would recommend the Billings Ovulation Method® to others.
95% stated that the Billings Ovulation Method® gave an understanding of fertility and infertility.

1Trying to achieve a pregnancy for 12 months or more.

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