Cause for Beatification of Drs. John & Evelyn Billings


12th December, 2013

Dear Billings ‘Family’,

Fr Justin Ford, who is Ecclesiastical Advisor to the Ovulation Method Research & Reference Centre of Australia, recently met with His Grace, Most Rev Denis Hart, who is our Archbishop in Melbourne, to discuss the Cause for Beatification of Drs John and Lyn Billings.  As you may know such a Cause has to be sanctioned by a local Ordinary (Bishop).

His Grace has counselled that we need to “hasten slowly” in this matter.  Despite our great love for Drs John and Lyn and the very high esteem in which we all hold them, the Church requires proof of holiness, beyond simply good works, before embarking on such an endeavour.  The first place this is looked for is in the writings of the people being proposed. 

Thanks to the diligent efforts over many years of our Archivist, Merilyn Kennealy, we have copies of many articles and letters that John and Lyn wrote, including copies of talks they gave at conferences, papers they sent for publication and personal correspondence.  However, there are no doubt other documents of which we don’t have copies – particularly from the early days before computers.

It is possible that many of you do have copies of letters you received from John or Lyn over the years, or of talks that they gave in your local area.  Perhaps also notes that were taken by others of presentations that John and Lyn made.  If so we ask that you consider sharing these with us so that our archives can be as complete as possible when research for the Cause begins.

Please try to ensure that there are dates, even approximate dates, on all documents and, if necessary an explanation of the circumstances surrounding it – such as, “A talk given by Dr J Billings to teachers of the Billings Ovulation Method on (date) at (place).”

We ask that you don’t send us original documents unless you are happy to relinquish them.  We could not afford the postage to send them back to everyone.  If possible, scan the documents and email them to us as attachments.  If you do need to send hard copies, we suggest you send a photocopy, keeping the original yourself in a safe place.  Of course, if you would prefer that the originals be kept safe in our archives for posterity, we will be delighted to receive them.

Please don’t assume that we have copies and thus not send them.  We would prefer to receive multiple copies than none at all.  If you do send hard copies, please include your name and contact details in case we need to get back to you.

We look forward to receiving these treasures and in time to being able to share them with the world!

God bless,  

Kerry Bourke              Joan Clements                        Marian Corkill                  Marie Marshell


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