Session 9


Reading Assignments

The Billings Method

  • Chapter 2, Page 14
  • Chapter 3; pages 24 – 26, 28, 34
  • Chapter 4; pages 36 – 39
  • Chapter 7; pages 69 & 73
  • Chapter 12

Teaching the Billings Ovulation Method® Part 1

  • Pages 2 – 4

Teaching The Billings Ovulation Method® Part 2

  • Pages 2, 22 – 23, 40

Studies on Human Reproduction 

  • Pages 17 – 19

Suggested for Review

Session 9 Course Material

9.03 Rock Solid Science (click to view)
9.05 Some Trials (click to view)
9.06 China Trial (click to view)

Read this material carefully and make it easy to access as a resource.


View the following presentations.  Return to these at any time for review.  These are the various presentations available to you for teaching purposes, you need only be familiar with them.   You may request your own copy of any of these if you wish to view them while offline.  

Overview of the Billings Ovulation Method

Billings Ovulation Method and the Phases of the Cycle

Billings Ovulation Method Autoshow

Signs at the Vulva

Wall Charts


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